Collaborating Effectively and Safely From Home

Are you equipped to work remotely and collaborate securely?

We’re here to help, join our webinar to learn more.

Webinar Details:

When: Tuesday, March 24 @ 11am-12pm EST

Our team is committed and ready to support your organization during this difficult time.

The face of doing business has changed dramatically in two short weeks. Many companies had planned for a handful of staff working from home…snow days, maybe the occasional night or weekend. Today, a vast majority of employees are working from home.

How does your staff access on-site data & applications? How do they meet or share information? How do YOU protect your company from the attackers already taking advantage of this new reality?

JPMerc & Co. has spent the last two weeks…and the last 15 years we’ve been in business…making sure our clients are prepared. Our clients’ staff is able to work remotely (where possible given their industries), collaborate, and do so securely. We are working around the clock to support our clients, monitor systems and security, build even more redundancy into systems, and further improve security.

These are the most critical things companies are focusing on now:

Remote Access

  • Do you have or need VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Remote Desktop? What IS VPN? We can explain.
  • Do you need assistance with VPN, Remote Desktop, licensing, or configuration? We can help.


  • Do you have Multi-Factor Authentication for your staff? This is VERY strong protection against hacks of your email accounts, remote desktop or VPN accounts. Let us tell you about it.


  • Collaborate, chat, video- or audio-call within your company for FREE with Microsoft Teams.
  • Deploy Zoom to do one-to-many video conferences, trainings, webinars, etc.

Webinar Presenters

Joe Mercadante | Founder and CEO, JPMerc & Co.
Jake Bush | Chief Technology Officer, JPMerc & Co.
Kristofer Herzog | Partner Manager, Duo

If you were unable to attend our webinar, please contact us for more information/to schedule a free consultation so we can do a deeper dive with you.