jpmerc's complete IT department

The Complete IT Department

Provides everything an enterprise class
IT Department can & should do, at the right size
for your business.

Components of Complete IT

The Complete IT Department is exactly how it sounds. We truly become your organization’s IT Department – simulating the experience you would have if you employed a Fortune 500 class internal IT team. We have an “all or nothing” mentality. Simply put, we offer the entire IT services package with 24/7/365 customer support that every well-run company needs and deserves.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our team proactively monitors and manages your systems and services thus preventing problems and improving productivity.

& Remote Support

In the event you experience issues that can’t be resolved remotely, we will be on-site to resolve your problems. Our remote support and chat feature offers immediate response times from a real person.

Help Desk

You can count on us with 24/7 support! We’re committed to your satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics

We are experienced in predicting trends and outcomes of different IT scenarios to effectively address current performance requirements while planning for the future.

Onboarding Process

Initial Assessment

The first step to onboarding a new client will consist of a full comprehensive IT Assessment to learn about the company's environment and current use of technological systems. This will allow us to understand how we can work to streamline your operations.

Reporting & Strategic Planning

Based on our initial assessment, together we will come up with a plan of action as to where to go from there. While communicating effectively, we have the ability to decide upon short term and long term goals, and how to decipher a plan to execute this transition.

Design & Implementation

Through on and off-premise collaboration and usage of the cloud, we will be able to integrate our strategic plan into action. Highlighting Security, Technology Infrastructure, Disaster Recover, Cloud and Managed Services, we will be able to implement the plan and continue working together for the solutions that suit your company's needs.