Enterprise-Class IT
Infrastructure and Systems
for the Biotech Industry

Your data is the lifeblood of your organization…

…and we make sure it’s always in good hands, getting the protection it needs.

Our Approach


Protect Your Data

Ensure you have systems and policies in place to solidify the integrity and security of your most valuable asset.

Encourage Collaboration

Create infrastructure that is both secure and enables data sharing so your team can work together across departments and business units.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Have peace of mind knowing your IT systems are aligned with your regulatory framework so you can demonstrate compliance.

Your organization has years’ worth of valuable research and analyses, but do you know if it’s all safe?


Like most biotech organizations, yours is a biology, chemistry, or engineering laboratory environment where your team is constantly generating new structured and unstructured data. Colleagues need to share their findings with internal stakeholders and external clinical research organizations, in addition to using multiple information management systems.

If you don’t have an in-house dedicated IT department, it’s likely no one is looking out for your data at all times — meaning you’re left open to security risks you don’t even know exist.


Does your organization:
  • Have specific policies and systems in place to ensure data integrity and security?
  • Train your end users about possible security risks they could encounter?
  • Update your business continuity and disaster recovery plan to keep up with changing threats?
  • Easily demonstrate your compliance within the regulatory framework?
  • Consistently audit, monitor, and update your IT systems?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions or answered a resounding “no”, it’s time to think about Complete IT.

Would you still be able to file with the FDA if you had a security breach that resulted in the loss of your data?

Years of hard work could be lost in just a couple of minutes.

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Working in your laboratory is second nature to you. Managing your IT systems is second nature to us.

At JPMerc, we understand the specific needs of your biotech organization, including your compliance requirements and multiple information management systems. We align our IT services to your business goals and enable your organization to achieve operational maturity.

Working with an outsourced IT company that knows the specific requirements of your industry and business is key — especially if you’re working towards filing with the FDA. JPMerc can support your goals with Complete IT:

  • CIO-caliber industry-specific IT strategy
  • Enterprise-level systems, management, and end-user training
  • Fully managed solutions that demonstrate compliance


3 Steps to Your Peace of Mind

Although our process is only 3 steps, the work never ends. We constantly audit, monitor, test, and update your IT systems to identify any issues and mitigate them before they affect your operations. This means peace of mind for you and a sense of ease for your team.

Comprehensive IT Assessment

Like your organization, everything here begins with research. We learn your systems, compliance requirements, processes, and policies to identify needs, risks, and opportunities.

Reporting & Strategic Planning

We triage your IT initiatives while ensuring our plans meet your budget, timeline, and scope. We remain flexible to pivot as you grow — ensuring we meet any new requirements.

Design & Implementation

We immediately take care of any impending threats, and then focus our attention on establishing an IT stack that enables your team to conduct their life-changing work without any obstacles.

What does your biotech organization need
to reach your next milestone?


Why hire internally when for a flat monthly fee you can gain a full IT department to take tech fully off your to-do list?

A secure yet collaborative environment

You have the brightest minds working in your laboratories, creating thousands of pages of valuable research comprising hundreds of documents. We ensure your data is not at risk of any security breaches while your teams can share their findings with relevant stakeholders.

Compliant systems and policies

Your organization is required to operate within a complex regulatory framework. We take full ownership of the IT requirements, auditing and assessing your systems on a regular basis so your organization can demonstrate compliance with the regulatory bodies.

Informed end users

While it’s vital to have multiple levels of security in place, it’s equally important to ensure your team has the knowledge they need to recognize and avoid any security breaches. We provide end-user training, conduct simulated phishing attacks, and teach best practices so your team is always prepared.

High-touch IT support

The work you do in your biotech organization will change patients’ lives. We remove any IT obstacles your team comes up against, providing support 24/7/365 so your team can do their jobs effectively. Your IT systems will always be reliable and dependable with JPMerc.

Is your data still trustworthy if your employees’ usernames and passwords are being sold on the dark web?

85% of security breaches involve a human element, which means it’s possible for employees to accidentally enable cybercriminals to get hold of their credentials.

Learn more about the Dark Web Scan and determine whether your organization has been exposed — and what you can do about it.