Bring Your Software
to Market and Support your
Customers with Complete IT

Enterprise-class IT infrastructure and systems designed specifically for the software development industry.

At JPMerc, we work with software development companies — ranging from new startups to established organizations — and create IT systems that scale according to their needs.

Our Approach


Have a backup plan

Create and implement a strategic business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan in case you run into trouble.

Give customers peace of mind

Offer consistent uptime as customers use your product while ensuring their personal data is secure.

Remain agile everywhere

Get the flexibility, scalability, and elasticity you need for your business — from infrastructure to support.

Are your IT systems preventing your developers from hitting their deadlines?


One of the benefits of having an IT-savvy organization is that the majority of your employees are well versed in the systems needed to ensure productivity. That’s why many software development companies forgo having an IT team entirely, instead relying on their software engineers to run double duty.

However, writing code isn’t the same skill set as managing an IT department.

While your developers may be able to keep some of your systems running for the short term, this approach isn’t viable as you scale — or if you plan to get acquired.

Even if you have an IT team in place, it’s likely they don’t have the bandwidth to manage the sophisticated challenges you’re dealing with or the time to keep up to date with the continuously changing tech stack.


Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Lack of a written and tested business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Consistent issues with downtime — and subsequent customer complaints
  • Disparate team members having issues with connectivity and network security
  • Confusion around whether your systems meet local and international data privacy laws
  • Inability to match your infrastructure and support needs with your budget

Can your team meet their deadlines with IT systems that lack sophistication and enterprise capabilities?

What would happen to your organization if you got hit with ransomware today and had no access to your source code or customer data?

If your IT department doesn’t have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place, you could end up with a
major operational disruption.

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With Complete IT, your developers can focus on the code while we manage the systems to support them.

At JPMerc, we learn the unique requirements of your business and provide the systems, guidance, and support to ensure your team is set up to meet their go-to-market deadlines 24/7/365.

Instead of hiring an IT department of one (or having your developers allocate their time to IT), you can get a lot more than what a single person can do when you work with JPMerc.

Your software development organization can have a fully-staffed IT department with a range of skill sets, providing full coverage whenever and wherever you need it. What does it look like?

  • CIO-caliber guidance and strategy
  • Full ownership of any and all issues
  • Enterprise-level support with high-touch service


Your Business Has Unique Needs.
Here’s How We Make Sure We Meet Them.

A successful IT department consistently audits, monitors, tests, and tracks your systems, resolving issues before they become hurdles for your software engineers.
Let us handle the IT so you can focus on your code.

Comprehensive IT Assessment.

In order to develop a strategic path forward, we dive deep into your systems, processes, and procedures to uncover potential risks and opportunities.

Reporting & Strategic Planning

We prioritize your IT initiatives and ensure your plans meet your budget requirements, executing the plan as your company scales, changes direction, or is acquired.

Design & Implementation

After mitigating any immediate risks, we focus on your short and long-term goals to bring your IT department to an operational maturity level consistent with the rest of your organization.

What do you want the future state of your
IT department to look like?


Get an enterprise-class IT department for a fraction of the cost. Invest in your business to ensure it scales and exceeds your expectations.

Clear BCDR processes

Lack of business continuity and disaster recovery planning can mean years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain. A Complete IT investment ensures there is a high-caliber plan in place should your organization face a security threat or deal with a wide-scale system outage.

Satisfied customers

How can you build trust with customers if your application is periodically down? We help you monitor and maintain your IT systems so that your customers know you’re reliable and dependable — and that you keep their personal data secure.

Flexible systems and support

In software development, demand can be unpredictable. Whether you need additional IT support during a product launch or have a long-term plan to scale your business, we implement systems that adapt to your needs with support to manage and maintain them accordingly.

No IT obstacles

Imagine not being able to meet a development deadline because of a system outage or losing out on business insurance because your IT security systems are a massive liability. We take full ownership of your IT department, proactively looking for potential issues and eliminating them.

If your developers are doubling as your IT department, do they know how to stop usernames and passwords from being sold on the dark web?

Most security breaches — 85% of them — involve a human element. Is your team informed about how to effectively stop their credentials from getting out?

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