Complete IT Self Assessment

When it comes to IT, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Is a knowledge gap keeping you from reaching operational maturity?

Your IT systems, processes, and people are the backbone of your business. If they’re working well, you won’t even realize they’re there. If they need improvement, your business could be in trouble.

When it comes to IT security, infrastructure, and operations, many organizations are not in the clear simply because there is a lot they don’t know. With JPMerc’s Complete IT Self Assessment, we help you shed light on vulnerabilities and issues that could cripple your business.

The Complete IT Self Assessment covers 12 vital areas of your organization:
  1. Compromised credentials
  2. Password management
  3. End-user training
  4. Wireless coverage
  5. Consistent access
  6. Remote support
  7. CIO-caliber knowledge
  8. IT budgeting and forecasting
  9. BCDR planning
  10. Vendor management
  11. Hardware lifecycle management
  12. IT support

Ready to enhance your IT systems, processes, and people while closing the knowledge gap?

The future of your IT department — and your business — is in your hands. Where will you take it?

Start With Our DIY Self Assessment

Fill out the form below to access our interactive PDF where you will fill out your answers to the 12 key questions. You’ll receive a personalized score that tells you where your organization is as a whole when it comes to IT operational maturity.

Using this knowledge, you can decide how to move forward to properly secure your organization and safeguard the future of your business.