Dark Web Scan
for the Biotech Industry

Your organization’s research can change lives — but what if it falls into the wrong hands on the dark web?

80% of data breaches are orchestrated by organized crime. If your employees’ credentials are leaked, what does that mean for the integrity of your data? Sign up for the free Dark Web Scan to learn how secure your biotech organization is.

Protect your organization’s data and analyses at all costs.


Find any exposed credentials

We’ll identify all usernames and passwords from your organization on the dark web so you can take action fast.

Prioritize the integrity of your data

Can you still file with the FDA if cybercriminals have access to your years of research? Don’t take any chances.

Collaborate with peace of mind

Your teams use multiple information management systems and work with both internal and external parties — know every password is secure.

Whether you lack in-house IT expertise, have complex compliance requirements to follow, or have to manage multiple information management systems, data integrity is always a priority.

With our free Dark Web Scan, we will illuminate any exposed usernames and credentials associated with your domain name and IP address that are present on the dark web. This way, you can take action quickly to secure your most valuable asset — your data.

We combine powerful technology intelligence with our expert IT analysis to proactively pinpoint any vulnerabilities you have in your systems. Don’t let your hundreds of thousands of pages of data be at risk as a result of the dark web.


Here’s How it Works

Sign up for the Dark Web Scan

Protect all your information management system logins by filling out this form.

Have your IT systems analyzed

Our team scans the dark web to look for compromises of your employees’ credentials.

Learn about your exposure

Together, we’ll discuss your organization’s vulnerabilities so you can lock things down fast.

How does the dark web affect your life-changing research?

It puts your data integrity at risk

Over half of all sites on the dark web are used for criminal activity. What does that mean for the reliability and validity of your data if cybercriminals have access to it?

It puts patient lives at risk

You may not be able to meet FDA filing requirements or may need to significantly alter research schedules if you deal with a security breach, such as having your credentials exposed on the dark web.

It puts your reputation at risk

Will clinical research organizations, employees, or patients trust your organization if they know cybercriminals were able to hack into your information management systems?

It puts compliance requirements at risk

You may not meet regulatory requirements if your systems have been exposed. Did you know that 75% of sites on the dark web are marketplaces, so there are people looking to buy your data.

Don’t put the lifeblood of your organization
at risk.

Sign up for the free Dark Web Scan today and ensure the integrity of your data — and the future of your research.