Dark Web Scan for the
Finance Industry

Would your customers still trust you with their confidential data if they knew your employees’ credentials were on the dark web?

15 billion stolen usernames and passwords are currently circulating on the dark web — how many of them are from your organization? Sign up for our free Dark Web Scan to find out how vulnerable your financial services organization is.

In financial services, trust is paramount.


Find the stolen credentials

We identify and investigate exposed login usernames and passwords that are directly linked to your business email domains or IP addresses.

Take a proactive approach

Don’t wait for a data breach or security issue to ruin your reputation and cause your customers to lose faith in your business.

Secure your IT systems

Cyberattacks don’t have to be inevitable. When you know which credentials are on the dark web, you can reduce the risk to your business by locking things down ASAP.

Whether you lack IT expertise in house, are quickly outgrowing your infrastructure, or have strict compliance regulations to adhere to, you need to ensure your IT systems are fully secure.

With our free Dark Web Scan, you will know if your employee credentials are currently exposed on the dark web. The quicker you have this information, the quicker you can take action against hackers.

Our Dark Web Scan combines the power of advanced technology intelligence and expert IT analysis to proactively search for any vulnerabilities to your business — so you’re a harder target for cybercriminals.


Here’s How it Works

Sign up for the Dark Web Scan

Protect all your information management system logins by filling out this form.

Have your IT systems analyzed

Our team of experts scans the dark web for compromises of your employees’ credentials.

Learn about your exposure

We’ll meet with you to discuss your organization’s vulnerabilities on the dark web.

How can a credential exposure on the dark web
harm your business?

It puts you at risk

Did you know that over half of all sites on the dark web are used for criminal activities? What could cybercriminals do if they got their hands on your username and password?

It puts your customers at risk

Almost 75% of the sites on the dark web are marketplaces, where confidential data is being sold. Would your customers want to do business with you if they learned their data was sold as a result of a security breach in your organization?

It puts your reputation at risk

It’s not easy to build trust with your existing customers or engage with new prospects once you’ve had a security breach. Over half of organizations have had a data breach as a result of third-party theft, so the odds are high.

It puts your future at risk

Whether you want to grow your organization, enter new markets, or offer new services to your customers, it may all come to a stop if cybercriminals have usernames and passwords for your IT systems.

Why take the risk?

Sign up for the free Dark Web Scan and stop cybercriminals in their tracks.