Dark Web Scan for the
Software Development Industry

If your employees’ credentials were on the dark web, could you still bring your software product to market on schedule?

Over 50% of sites on the dark web are used for criminal activities, including the sale of digital credentials. How much are your company’s usernames and passwords worth? Sign up for the free Dark Web Scan to learn how vulnerable your software development organization is.

Don’t give cybercriminals access to your source code.


Identify any stolen credentials

We’ll find any exposed usernames and passwords from your IT and development systems that are linked directly to your business email domains or IP addresses.

Get ahead of the security breaches

Protect your source code and your intellectual property by ensuring no one else gets access to your credentials.

Meet your go-to-market deadlines

Don’t let a major security breach or credential exposure on the dark web get in the way of your next product release.

If your developers are running double duty as your IT department or you have a small IT department of one, you may be lacking the expertise you need to secure your systems.

With the free Dark Web Scan, you will have a clear understanding of whether your software development organization is at risk. We can see if any employee usernames and passwords are currently exposed on the dark web — and take action before they are sold to a nefarious buyer.

We use advanced technology intelligence and expert IT analysis to proactively identify any vulnerabilities the dark web is causing to your business. Don’t let your years of product development be thrown off track by a security breach.


Here’s How it Works

Sign up for the Dark Web Scan

Protect all your information management system logins by filling out this form.

Have your IT systems analyzed

Our team scans the dark web to look for compromises of your employees’ credentials.

Learn about your exposure

We’ll discuss your organization’s vulnerabilities so you can take action fast.

What happens when your employees’ usernames
and passwords are on the dark web?

Your software product is at risk

There are over 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords on the dark web, so chances are some of them may belong to your employees. How will this affect your development and release schedule?

Your IT systems are at risk

If a cybercriminal can infiltrate one system with one login, it’s likely they can infiltrate others too. If you don’t know you’ve been exposed, how will you be able to stop further attacks?

Your reputation is at risk

Did you know that 75% of the sites on the dark web are marketplaces where usernames and passwords are being sold? Will customers or investors take your business seriously after such a major security breach?

Your future is at risk

Whether you want to scale quickly or be acquired by another software development company, those plans may have to be shelved after your credentials are sold on the dark web.

Some risks are worth taking — this one isn’t.

Sign up for the free Dark Web Scan today and protect your source code and the future of your company.