What is a Secure Internet Gateway and Why Every Business Needs One

A new layer of security

Once upon a time, if your PCs sat behind a firewall, were running an AV client, and your email was scanned before it got to you, that was all you needed to stay relatively safe. All three of those security layers remain part of the top 7 steps necessary to protect yourself from data breaches, but there is another critical layer required for all company managed PCs (Windows or Mac) and any device accessing the Internet from one of your locations–a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

What does a SIG do?

A secure Internet gateway delivers protection by preventing managed devices from accessing potentially dangerous sites and/or code. The intent is to prevent users from getting infected by malicious internet traffic, suspicious websites, or malware. A SIG can also play a role in monitoring and managing compliance of the organization’s IT related policies and regulations.

Why does my organization need a SIG?

Every one of JPMerc’s clients now utilizes key applications and stores company intellectual property in the cloud. In addition, more and more work is performed somewhere other than a traditional office. A SIG can help organizations seamlessly transition to a world of cloud computing where the Internet becomes the de facto corporate network.

How does a SIG work?

A SIG works by managing requests to the Internet and preventing the completion of requests that could pose a risk to the organization.

In the office, all requests to the Internet, including BYODs (which by definition are not managed by the organization), go through the SIG.

Company-managed devices get an installed agent, so they are protected regardless of location.

In short, while a SIG makes the office safer, it keeps every company-managed device safer regardless of its location.

Active monitoring and management

There is no such thing as set-it-and-forget-it when it comes to security. SIGs must be properly configured, monitored, and audited to be effective. This is a job for a well-trained, security-conscious IT team. Insist on periodic reports to your management team to ensure your business is properly protected.

Need help?

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