Why You Need a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Plan

Downtime of your critical IT systems can be incredibly expensive. Your data is your most valuable corporate asset, and if your systems go down unexpectedly, you may face substantial costs of up to thousands of dollars per minute.

But your networks, systems and access to data can easily go down at any time without warning due to software errors, malicious hackers, natural disasters, or even rogue employees. Therefore, every company needs a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, to prepare for the unexpected. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Your network is vulnerable to a wide range of threats

An innumerable number of threats face your company’s networks and systems. From viruses and malware, to simple system or hardware failures that can claim mission-critical data, disaster is always one step away. Even natural disasters can negatively impact a business’s productivity if they are not prepared.

Anywhere that data is utilized, a threat could appear – so you need to prepare for this with data backups and a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP.)

2. Security measures (and people) fail–you need a BCDR solution

Even if you think your company is protected, your security measures could fail, allowing malware to sneak into your network. More often than that, employees can download an infected document, exposing the data from an entire network. Data backups and recovery solutions in place are the last defense in keeping your information safe from these all-too-common threats.

3. You need to protect your customer’s data

Investing in BCDR to protect the data of your customers and prevent a disaster is much less expensive than trying to re-acquire the customers you’ll lose if your systems are compromised. Consider the widely-known Target data breach of 2013 – Target had to pay more than $40 million to settle lawsuits, and this doesn’t even take into account the cost of customer loss and the hit to their reputation.

4. Limit downtime & speed up recovery

According to the ESG Research Review And Data Protection Survey, only about 53% of all organizations can handle an hour of downtime before their business or revenue is significantly impacted. Further, the costs of additional downtime can be disastrous.

5. Protect the reputation of your company

If a serious disaster affects your public reputation or your ability to serve your customers, they will leave and find someone better. It’s sad, but true – even your most loyal customers may walk if they have had a trust-busting experience with your company.

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