Why You Need a Password Management Tool

It’s a fact of life in the digital age: you need a password for virtually every site, service, and app that you use every day. From social media and blogs to banking services, you’ve likely got an arsenal of passwords to keep track of.

Of course, this presents an obvious conundrum: do you use the same simple passwords in rotation so they’re easier to remember, or do you generate complicated passwords and risk forgetting them? The first option puts you at risk of being hacked, and the second puts you at risk of being locked out of your own accounts.

Beyond that impossible choice, there’s another issue to consider that’s entirely out of your control. The companies housing your passwords so you can log in to their sites are not always secure. Even complex passwords can be compromised in security breaches.

So, how can you effectively hedge all of these concerns? By using a password management tool.

What Is Password Management and Why Is It Necessary?

The idea of a password management tool might feel complicated, so simply think of it as a book housing all of your passwords. This book unlocks only for you, so your password to every site remains secure.

When you invest in password management, you no longer need to struggle with remembering complex unique passwords for every site because your tool will take care of that for you. Password management can even assist you in coming up with random passwords. Even better, some tools will sync your passwords across all of your devices so you never have to hunt for them.

The benefits of this sort of tool are relatively self-explanatory. They save you stress, time, and above all else, they keep you secure in a world that’s subject to constant breaches.

How Do Password Management Tools Work?

Most often, a password management tool installs as a plug-in to your default browser. When you’re prompted to create a new password on a secure site, the plug-in may offer you a recommended password or offer to save your login credentials for future use.

When you return to a site after saving your login information with a password management tool, your credentials will be populated automatically so you can log in without wasting any time. What’s more, you no longer have to ask the company itself to save your password because you’ll be doing that with a secure third party.

As if all of these services didn’t make password management easy enough, some tools detect changes in your passwords and update them accordingly; you can also export saved password data from one tool to another quite easily.

Selecting The Best Password Management Tool

Every business and individual’s success and safety can benefit from the right password management tool, but each situation is different. That’s why it’s important that you consult the right team when selecting a password management tool.

The JPMerc team has years of experience assisting our wide array of clients with implementing the best password management tools available. If you’re ready to take control of your security with a password management tool, reach out to us.